Why do we need insurance?

The monthly bills roll in and it feels a bit like you’re suffocating.

You have your mortgage/rent, your car payment, your phone bill, the water bill, the power bill, the cable bill, and do not forget that Netflix bill. And then, just when you think you’re done, your insurance payment is due. You look at that nice little bill notice and ask yourself, “Do I really need insurance?”


Aside from the fact that it is illegal in all fifty states to drive without auto insurance, not many can actually pay the real bills that come after the accident. You may be thinking, “But I’m a good driver! I haven’t had an accident in years!” That may be true and bravo to you, but not everyone is as great of a driver as you are. Every time you go out on the road, you’re putting your life in the hands of, not yourself, but everyone else that is driving a vehicle around you.

(A funny story for you: our very own Ashlee Phillips was notorious for totaling cars in her teenage years. So much so that her nickname became Crashlee! Imagine all of those bills had she not had reliable insurance!)

While it isn’t illegal to own a home without home insurance, a mortgage lender most likely will require you to have coverage. And, even when you’re finished paying your mortgage, you should continue to have it! What if a hurricane comes and a tree falls on your house from the winds? How on earth will you pay for that? Your insurance can help.

Think of this article next time you’re paying that insurance bill; it’ll make it a little easier.

Have a great weekend!