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North Carolina has strict rules when it comes to auto insurance: All motorists in the state must take out an auto insurance policy before hitting the roads here.

Those drivers caught driving without proper auto insurance? They can face severe financial penalties and could even lose their driving privileges.

You don't want this to happen to you. The bad news, though, is that auto insurance in North Carolina isn't cheap. You'll have to pay for the right to drive in this state.

The best way to find an auto insurance policy that won't bust your budget is to shop around with insurers that provide insurance in North Carolina. That way, you can find the auto insurance policy that offers the protection you need at a fair price.

That leaves another challenge, though: How can you best compare insurance rates?

Here's where there is some good news: We offer our own online rate-comparison shopper. By entering your basic information into our online comparison tool, you can quickly pull up insurance quotes from the top providers of auto insurance throughout the state. And best of all? Shopping for insurance rates in this way takes just minutes.

Compare this with the steps drivers once had to take to shop for auto insurance in North Carolina. There was a time when drivers would have to call auto insurance providers, give them their information by phone and wait for a quote in return. Imagine doing this with six, 12 or more auto insurance providers in an effort to find the best policy. The process could take an entire day, or longer.

Today, though, there is no excuse for North Carolina motorists to not shop around for the best auto insurance rates. You can finish your online rate comparison in 30 minutes or less. And by doing just this small amount of research, you might be able to shave a significant amount of dollars off the insurance protection you need.

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Our Goals at Brown-Phillips Insurance is to find you the best insurance products available, for the best value. While exceeding your expectations of service and professionalism, we will strive to make the process as simple as possible.

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