Hurricane Preparation Tips

Preparing for the storm:

• Designate an out-of-area contact that your family members can call in case you are separated.
• Prepare an emergency kit in a waterproof container or bag. Include your insurance documents, other important documents (e.g. birth certificates and vehicle registrations), phone chargers and prescription bottles. Keep this kit with you. 
• If there is time, board up windows and place sandbags around your property.
• Check your home for anything that may fly or be moved by the extremely high winds and either secure it or bring it inside.
• If possible, move any cars, RVs, boats, or other vehicles to a secure area away from weak trees, limbs or areas that could flood.
• Due to potential power outages from downed trees and power surges, stock up on clean water, non-perishable food, extra batteries and emergency backup chargers for mobile devices. If you have infant children, remember to include diapers, baby wipes and formula. Don’t forget to get food for your pets.
• Back up any important computer files and move computers above potential flooding areas of your home or office.
If you’re forced to evacuate:
• Turn off breaker boxes prior to evacuating: This will help prevent electrical surges from destroying your appliances. Also, in the event of water infiltration, it prevents shorts that can lead to fires.
• Never drive through standing water. Underlying currents could carry your vehicle away or trap you in rising floodwater. Find an alternate route. Know your evacuation route and follow the direction of your state and local officials.

After the storm:

• To file a claim, visit our customer service page here to find your policy number and a list of our carriers and their direct claim numbers.

Claims service is available 24/7.

These preparation tips courtesy of National General Insurance.


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