Common Insurance Claim Issues

Each client is different and has different needs for their protection and budget. The worst part of my job is explaining at the time of a claim that you don’t have a coverage for something that is important to you!  So please review and ask any questions before a claim arises. After a claim, it is too late to add or adjust coverage for that loss.

Below are some of the most common insurance claim issues.

Auto policy:

  • Not having enough liability limits. The state of NC only requires $30,000 per person and $60,000 each accident and $25,000 property damage. These limits can be used up quickly and if you are in a serious claim the other party can sue you personally. You want to make sure you have enough coverage to protect your assets and even consider a personal umbrella policy.
  • Not being aware that your deductible applies for a glass claim. If you carry a $500 deductible for comprehensive, most windshields will be less than that. To have full glass coverage you want to have a $0 deductible.
  • Not listing all drivers on the policy. A claim can be denied due to an unlisted driver or any other material misrepresentation. It is important to make sure all drivers are listed on your policy.
  • Not having optional coverage’s such as medical payments, rental or towing coverage.


Click here for an easy to read and understand explanation of the auto policy and what each coverage means provided by the NC Department of Insurance.

Home policy:

  • Not having a flood policy to cover a flood as your home policy excludes floods.
  • Not being aware that certain items have limits on the amount of coverage provided and would need to be scheduled to get higher limits. Items such as jewelry, furs, cameras, musical instruments, silverware, fine arts, and golfer’s equipment.
  • Not having certain optional endorsements on your policy like water back up or special computer coverage. You can read a list of the most common policy endorsement by clicking here.
  • Not having an inventory of your personal belongings in the event of a claim. Having an inventory will ensure you have the proper amount of coverage. Click here for a free app to document and track your items which will be very helpful at the time of a claim.


Click here for an easy to read and understand explanation of the home policy and what each coverage means provided by the NC Department of Insurance.

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If you would like to review your policy or make any changes to your coverage, please contact us today.