Some tips before your last vacation

It’s official. There is only one more month of summer left.

I can hear the tears from behind the screen.

As summer comes to a close, many families are packing up the car and heading out for one more fantastic road trip to remember for years to come. However, in all the excitement, one can forget simple things like how to properly keep your home protected while you’re away.

Shut the house down.

It seems like a no-brainer to make sure and lock your doors and windows, but it wouldn’t need to be said if it didn’t happen! According to FBI statistics, 30% of robberies consist of unforced entry. Meaning they climbed in your window that your kid said they had locked but actually forgot about.

Tell someone but not everyone.

In the excitement for laying out on the beach or finally getting some peace and quiet, you want to tell anyone and everyone. You turn to your Facebook, your Twitter, your LinkedIn, anywhere that you can brag about how great of a time you’re going to have. However, what you’re doing is laying out a welcome mat for burglars. You’ve provided a timeline of how long you’ll be gone, where you’ll be going, and what family members will remain in the house. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t tell anyone though. Inform a neighbor that you’ll be leaving and ask for them to just keep an eye on your house and get your mail.

Pull the plug.

This doesn’t really keep your home safe as much as it does save you money. Many power appliances use power even when turned off!

Lock it up.

There’s always a chance a burglar could get past your precautions and be in your home. Lock up your valuables such as jewelry, electronics, and anything of important monetary value. This way all they can do is window shop instead of stealing.

Have a fun and safe weekend, everyone! Enjoy your last month!

Why do we need insurance?

The monthly bills roll in and it feels a bit like you’re suffocating.

You have your mortgage/rent, your car payment, your phone bill, the water bill, the power bill, the cable bill, and do not forget that Netflix bill. And then, just when you think you’re done, your insurance payment is due. You look at that nice little bill notice and ask yourself, “Do I really need insurance?”


Aside from the fact that it is illegal in all fifty states to drive without auto insurance, not many can actually pay the real bills that come after the accident. You may be thinking, “But I’m a good driver! I haven’t had an accident in years!” That may be true and bravo to you, but not everyone is as great of a driver as you are. Every time you go out on the road, you’re putting your life in the hands of, not yourself, but everyone else that is driving a vehicle around you.

(A funny story for you: our very own Ashlee Phillips was notorious for totaling cars in her teenage years. So much so that her nickname became Crashlee! Imagine all of those bills had she not had reliable insurance!)

While it isn’t illegal to own a home without home insurance, a mortgage lender most likely will require you to have coverage. And, even when you’re finished paying your mortgage, you should continue to have it! What if a hurricane comes and a tree falls on your house from the winds? How on earth will you pay for that? Your insurance can help.

Think of this article next time you’re paying that insurance bill; it’ll make it a little easier.

Have a great weekend!

Help a friend, help us, help you

Did you know that Brown-Phillips Insurance has a referral rewards program?

You may be asking: What is a referral rewards program?

What that means is that, for every person you refer to us that gets a quote, you get $5! (And who doesn’t want $5?)

With $5, you can buy flowers, lunch, ice cream, pens, a lot of different things! So refer your parents, your best friend, your coworker, your neighbor, your neighbor’s third cousin once removed, even someone you pass by on the street! Have them mention your name and $5 will be on its way to your door.

Whoever you refer, you’re helping get affordable insurance rates. Whoever you refer, you’re helping us gain new and wonderful clients. Whoever you refer, they help you get richer.

So start referring!

Is the Snapchat really worth it?

These days everyone has a smart phone and everyone is attached to it. I have one, my parents have one, even my grandparents have one. Technology has taken over our lives and we do not mind one bit. It makes life easier from reminding you about your doctor’s appointment to allowing you to get in one more level of Candy Crush before you leave for work.

However, it can be a little too easy to take “a quick glance” at your phone while behind the wheel.

When you’re on the road at any time, about 660,000 are using their cell phones. Whether they’re sending a text or looking at the map on their phone, this causes an extreme danger. Huffington Post posted some interesting statistics in 2015:

9 is the number of Americans killed every day by accidents involving texting while driving.

1 in 4 is the probability that an accident was caused by cell phone use while driving.

341,000 is the number of accidents that occurred in 2013 due to texting behind the wheel.

2 is the number of seconds a driver can safely look away from the wheel.

It takes, on average, 5 seconds to send a text.

Most will look at these statistics and think that these statistics only apply to the millennials, or the younger generation, but this applies to all age groups. Cell phones have taken over the lives of many, not just the young. There are times when I look up and see that everyone else is on their phones.

I’m not saying to stop using your phones and to never play Candy Crush again. I’m saying to start using them smartly. One’s life is worth more than a text message.

I apologize for killing the Friday joy a little but just keep these statistics in mind next time you’re driving around and get that message.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Crash course for the Fourth of July

Finally what we’ve all been waiting for – a three day weekend.

But, more importantly, it’s Independence Day! The day we celebrate this wonderful country we live in, work in, and buy insurance in!

With the Fourth of July comes beach visits, fireworks, and a lot of fun. I know Brown-Phillips Insurance will be on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh for festivities. However, the Fourth also comes with a lot of driving, which can result in a lot of accidents. The Fourth of July has been found by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to have more fatal car accidents than any other day of the year with 592 deaths. But don’t unpack the car yet! We have a few tips so you can have a safe holiday.

Always make sure everyone is buckled up.
Everyone has heard of the “click it or ticket” campaign because it is one of the most successful seatbelt campaigns in the country. Did you know that wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of a fatal injury by 45%?
Leave early.
While you may have to wake up with the chickens in order to be packed up and ready to go, your life is much more important than an extra hour of sleep. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer recommends leaving Friday before 7 a.m. or Saturday before 11 a.m. According to traffic and navigation app Waze, the worst time to travel is Thursday and Friday between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. And for the return trip, avoid driving Monday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.*
Print out the directions ahead of time.
You don’t want to have to explain that the reason you rear-ended someone is because you missed what the GPS said to you and you frantically had to make sure you hadn’t missed your turn.

Enjoy your Fourth of July and stay safe! We’ll see you Tuesday!

*This information is from TODAY.