Is the Snapchat really worth it?

These days everyone has a smart phone and everyone is attached to it. I have one, my parents have one, even my grandparents have one. Technology has taken over our lives and we do not mind one bit. It makes life easier from reminding you about your doctor’s appointment to allowing you to get in one more level of Candy Crush before you leave for work.

However, it can be a little too easy to take “a quick glance” at your phone while behind the wheel.

When you’re on the road at any time, about 660,000 are using their cell phones. Whether they’re sending a text or looking at the map on their phone, this causes an extreme danger. Huffington Post posted some interesting statistics in 2015:

9 is the number of Americans killed every day by accidents involving texting while driving.

1 in 4 is the probability that an accident was caused by cell phone use while driving.

341,000 is the number of accidents that occurred in 2013 due to texting behind the wheel.

2 is the number of seconds a driver can safely look away from the wheel.

It takes, on average, 5 seconds to send a text.

Most will look at these statistics and think that these statistics only apply to the millennials, or the younger generation, but this applies to all age groups. Cell phones have taken over the lives of many, not just the young. There are times when I look up and see that everyone else is on their phones.

I’m not saying to stop using your phones and to never play Candy Crush again. I’m saying to start using them smartly. One’s life is worth more than a text message.

I apologize for killing the Friday joy a little but just keep these statistics in mind next time you’re driving around and get that message.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!