The wheels on the bus

Here are three dreaded words by every child in America after a beautiful and wonderful summer of shenanigans: BACK. TO. SCHOOL.

With back to school comes dorm move in days, school supply shopping, transportation arrangements, and a lot of driving. (Our office is located in Wake County and traditional schools begin on the 29th!)

Brown-Phillips is going to help you with a variety of tips to get you through this back to school season.

Tip #01: Compare prices!

There are many different stores in which school supplies can be bought (ex. Wal-Mart, Target, Office Max, etc.) Compare prices of items like binders, notebooks, pencils, and more in order to save every penny you can. Also make sure to check the condition of last year’s school supplies! You may find that you have plenty of highlighters for the year and can cross that off the list.

Tip #02: Check around for textbooks.

Textbooks for your classes can be found through many sources. Online, campus bookstores, the library, etc. If you have a roommate with the same class, maybe you could share a textbook. There are also websites such as Chegg where you can compare prices for different textbooks so you don’t pay those high prices.

Tip #03: Follow ALL school zone instructions.

Did you know that more children are killed near schools than anywhere else? Don’t double park because it can block the vision of vehicles and children. Don’t drop off or pick up children across the street from the school. Don’t block crosswalks. Never pass a school bus. There are a lot of don’ts but they’re important to remember! Also, carpooling with other children can help limit the number of cars and therefore making carpool much safer.


Here are a few links with great tips:

Tip #05: Enjoy the year!

Time really does fly by and whether your kid is in kindergarten or their senior year of college, make sure to appreciate this time. Get your kids pumped up to go to school with after-school activities or simply talking about their classes.

Have a great Friday and, to all of you Wake County folks, happy last weekend of summer!