Frequently Asked Questions

A good portion of our calls consist of the same few questions and that can be answered easily and within a few minutes.

However, it saves yours and our time to address these questions in this post so you can continue with your day.

Q: Who do I need to call to make a payment?
A: You would need to call the company to make a payment. However, we can take payments in the office and over the phone with a service fee of $5.

Q: What happens when someone not listed on my policy is driving my car and gets into an accident?
A: You’ll need to make the claim with the insurance company. However, no points will be added.

Q: I need to add a car to my policy. What information do you need?
A: Here are the questions we will need to ask you so make sure you have that information readily available.
1. If replacing, which vehicle are you replacing?
2. Year, Make and Model of the vehicle to add.
3. Vehicle ID number (VIN number) of the vehicle to add.
4. Use of the vehicle (pleasure, back and forth to work, etc.)
5. If the vehicle is financed, finance company name and address (not payment address)
6. Date to make the change effective.
7. Are you adding any additional drivers?
8. Coverage limits desired? (Liability or comp/collision deductibles)
9. If adding comp/collision would you like rental and towing coverage as well?

Q: My policy cancelled. How long do I have to reinstate without a lapse?
A: Our two most common companies are National General and Progressive. National General now gives you 45 days to reinstate without a lapse, while Progressive gives 14 days. With other companies, it can vary, but a common amount of time to reinstate is within 30 days from the cancel date.

Q: What is a consent to rate form?
A: North Carolina has a Rate Bureau that sets the rates for all the insurance companies in North Carolina for auto and property. The Rate Bureau sets a “suggested” rate for physical damage coverage. If the insurance company charges a rate that is higher or lower than that “suggested” rate, you have to sign a consent to rate form. Signing the consent to rate does not change or alter the current premium that you are paying, or alter coverage in any way.

Q: What do I need to bring to register my car at the DMV?
A: All you need is the name of your insurance company and your policy number.

I hope this helped answer some of your questions and saved you some time.

Have a great weekend!